Trans-national STEM teacher education focussing on transversal competence and sustainability education

The goal of acaSTEMy is to develop a systemic support structure for high-quality, research-based STEM teacher education from pre-service education to continuing professional development (CPD) that includes mobility as an essential building block. The project envisions transversally competent and motivated STEM teachers who are well equipped to prepare students for their future careers.

To reach its objectives, the acaSTEMy project plans to

  • develop, pilot and promote various distance and blended learning models in combination with international mobility and mentorship
  • improve STEM teachers’ digital competences for meaningful pedagogies
  • support the competences and pedagogies of STEM teachers for sustainable and up-to-date education by developing CPD courses to address a) major challenges, such as environmental sustainability, green deal, global health and immigration and b) methodological aspects, such as teaching diverse classes, combating science anxiety, and fostering gender-sensitive teaching

The AcaSTEMy’s network will bring together providers of pre- and in-service teacher education, as well as practice schools from 8 countries. These will develop and test mobility models and programmes for effective and accessible professional learning. In addition, the partnership network includes STEM teacher associations, ministries of education and Academies of Sciences. These will provide input for developing a policy framework for purposeful and systematic teacher mobility and to inform broader science education policies at national and European levels.